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Cuba Raices Liber en America

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December 9, 2017  To  December 31, 2017
The Limelight Gallery - Buckhead Binders

Cuba Raices Liber en America

From : Saturday, December 9, 2017
To : Sunday, December 31, 2017
Venue : The Limelight Gallery - Buckhead Binders

Cuba Raices Libre en America

A celebration of Freedom by students from Cuba

Binders welcomes internationally acclaimed artist Pedro Pulido and this amazing visual exploration of the talent found in Cuba. These works are all derived from students of Pedro Pulido and his classes. The students when offered the opportunity to showcase their work, were excited to share themselves with America at large, as if to say "We are here!". 

Many of the students and works are derived from areas where there are limited access to art and creative materials. With the help of Binders, Jeannie Odom, an artist and philanthropist from Georgia, and Pedro Pulido, these students have the opportunity to shine and showcase their skills and talents for all the world to see. So join us this December 9th and see the Cuba Free Roots in America!

Open Gallery: December 9 - 31

Gallery Reception: December 16, 2017 2PM-4PM

A portion of the proceeds from sales of all student works from the show will be donated to a charity supporting the education and embetterment of artists like these students, as well as helping to provide art materials and products for areas with limited access to creative and art supplies.

There are many people in the world who unlike others may not have what is often seen as common place. it is to those people that this show is dedicated and to the students who worked so hard to make this visual statement a reality. ~ J.B.

Contact Person : Beth Robison
Phone : 404.237.6331
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