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Black Magic Waterproof Ink 1oz 014173368621 $4.48
Black Non-Wateproof Ink 1oz 014173368638 $4.48
Eternal Black Ink 2.5oz 014173368669 $4.48
Black India Waterproof Ink 1oz 014173368836 $4.48
Black India Waterproof Ink 16oz 014173368843 $34.16
Black India Waterproof Ink 32oz 014173368850 $53.56
Black Calligraphy Waterproof Ink 2.5 014173368898 $4.48
Higgins Fountain Pen Black 2.5oz 014173369055 $4.48
Sepia Calligraphy Non-Waterproof Ink 2.5oz 014173369062 $4.48
Higgins Black Ink Magic Pump Marker 1mm 14173411266 $4.92
Higgins India Ink Marker Round 1mm 14173411273 $4.92

Higgins offers a wide range of black and white inks for the artist with varying attributes to fit nearly every need. Higgins India Ink is excellent at full strength for use with brush and lettering pens. This waterproof ink may be diluted with water for transparent washes and to produce infinite shades.

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