Speedball Water Soluble Block Printing Ink 1.25oz

Speedball Water Soluble Block Printing Ink 125oz


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Green 651032034046 $4.78
Yellow 651032034053 $4.78
Brown 651032034060 $4.78
Orange 651032034077 $4.78
Violet 651032034084 $4.78
Turquoise 651032034091 $4.78
Magenta 651032034107 $4.78
Light Red 651032034114 $4.78
Dark Yellow 651032034121 $4.78
Gold 651032034138 $4.78
Silver 651032034145 $4.78
Platnium White 651032034176 $4.78
Water Soluble Metallic Block Printing 4 Set 1.25oz 651032034732 $16.64
Water Soluble Block Printing Ink Starter 6 Set 1.25oz 651032034701 $19.50
Deluxe Block Printing Kit 1.25oz 651032034725 $66.86
Pewter 651032034152 $4.78

Give your creations all the brilliance they deserve with inks from Speedball. Speedball’s Water Soluble Block Printing Inks come in 18 brilliant colors available in 37cc, 75cc, 150cc tubes plus 8oz. and 16oz jars. These inks are easy to clean up with water, non-toxic, gluten free and super for printmaking with linoleum, wood, Flexible Printing Plate, Speedy-Carve™, Speedy-Cut™ and Poly print.

Speedball Ink

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1.25 ounces
Block Printing
Water Soluble

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