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Splatter Gallery

Life is orderly and sometimes ordinary... so let’s whip some paint around and make a mess!!

Welcome to the Binders Splatter Room at Ponce City Market sponsored by Liquitex.

This is not just for kids; adults need to have fun too. It's not often that we encourage paint on the walls so now is your chance. We will even clean up the mess for you.

What is the Splatter Room:

The Binders Splatter Room at Ponce City Market is a creative space for people to have a ton of fun with paint. The experience is not only fun, but also therapeutic; making it a great place for adults as well. We provide paint, paint brushes, paint guns, canvasses, goggles, and protective suits to use. Splatter as much paint on the canvas as you desire. Much like a Jackson Pollock piece, the goal is to let loose, make a mess, and ultimately have fun! This will make for great fun for family and friends, so the more the merrier!

How to make a reservation:

To reserve a spot in the Splatter Room you can call us at 404-682-6999 or you can make the reservation in person at our Ponce City Market location.

Hours of Splattering:

Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 8PM
Sunday: 12PM - 5PM

*Reservations during mon-sat can not be extended beyond 9PM or beyond 5PM on Sunday.

What is the cost:

$35 Splatter Room Reservation

All reservations are 1 hour increments per individual/per hour. we do ask that all reservations are made at least 24 hours in advance to make sure we can accommodate everyone.

$17.50 Additional Time (30 min)

We can provide extra time for the Splatter Room if you would like to stay and play longer. Extra time is sold in 30 minutes increment per person.

$12 Add Additional Canvas

if you would like additional canvases to turn into fabulous splatter art, we do provide them for an additional fee

Works done will only be kept for 7 days after your visit. Please pick up your paintings before then as we can’t guarantee your artwork will be here after that.