ATL Art Shows

Binders' primary goal is to be there for our vibrant and thriving Atlanta artist community by supporting our primary customers: The ARTISTS! Especially Atlanta and Georgia artists.

If you're an Atlanta gallery who focuses on Atlanta/Georgia Artists or has an upcoming show featuring the same and would like us share your events, please contact with details.

Here you'll find a list of upcoming events at some of the best Atlanta Galleries. Click the image to get more information about each show.     

Cateye creative home page

CatEye Creative Gallery: 

"The next generation studio and gallery space founded by Adam Crawford represents over 100 unique artists and designers from around the globe. From fine art curation and consulting to large scale mural installations and artist residencies programs, Cat Eye Creative brings the art to the people. We believe art is for everyone and without a community there is no art. We're here to make artists, designers, collectors, cities, and developers dreams a reality." (Information taken from the CatEye Creative website.)


Cateye creative summer in the city group show

cateye creative back to school show

cateye creative angie jerez solo show

cateye creative niki zarrabe solo show