Prismacolor Graphite Drawing 18 Set

Prismacolor Graphite Drawing 18 Set

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Prismacolor pure woodless graphite offers a smooth drawing formula, with no wood casing to sharpen away. Issue fine or broad strokes with a series of pencils that cover ever project, every mood.

The 18-count includes erasers and other desirable accessories.

The Prismacolor Graphite Drawing Set contains18 professional quality pencils including one each of the following in a convenient, easy-to-close tin:

  • Woodless Graphite 2B
  • Woodless Graphite 4B
  • Woodless Graphite 6B
  • Woodless Graphite 8B
  • Water-Soluble Gray Graphite
  • HB Water-Soluble Gray Graphite
  • 4B Water-Soluble Gray Graphite
  • 8B Extra-Large Kneaded Eraser
  • Steel Sharpener
  • Sanding Board
  • Magic Rub Eraser
  • Turquoise Drawing Pencil 8B
  • Turquoise Drawing Pencil 6B
  • Turquoise Drawing Pencil 2B
  • Turquoise Drawing Pencil B
  • Turquoise Drawing Pencil 2H
  • Turquoise Drawing Pencil 4H
  • Turquoise Drawing Pencil 6H

Woodless Graphite and Water-Soluble Graphite pencils are pre-sharpened. Turquoise Drawing Pencils are unsharpened.