Royal Talens Van Gogh Oil Paint Starter 6 Set

Royal Talens Van Gogh Oil Paint Starter 6 Set

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Van Gogh Oil Colors continues the Royal Talens tradition of producing fine artists' paints without the exorbitant price tag. Made from the finest traditional and modern pigments milled into a quality oil binder, Van Gogh oils possess a thick, creamy consistency ideal for impasto techniques or thinned-down glaze effects. Every color rates from good to excellent on the ASTM lightfast scale ensuring their permanence over time. A uniform sheen and comparable drying time between colors make Van Gogh oils easy to mix and match in terms of the final appearance.

Key Features:
  • High pigment content and vibrant colors
  • Uniform viscosity and sheen level
  • 66 colors all dry at a similar rate
  • Highly lightfast and permanent
  • Available in generous 200ml tubes

Perfect For:

  • Beginners and experienced artists alike!
  • Alla Prima Painting
  • Fine glazing and detail