Sienna Counterweight Easel

Sienna Counterweight Easel

Jack Richeson
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The easel is counterbalanced by standard weight plates (not included), that can be purchased at any sports equipment store.

The three versatile canvas holders can accommodate small 8" x 10" painting panels up to giant 72" tall canvases, and anything in between.

Once you see how versatile and easy the Sienna Counterweight Easel is to use, you will never want to paint on anything else.

  • Counterbalanced lifting and lowering of the easel carriage. Lift or lower with a touch of the handle.
  • Two knobs lock the easel carriage in place so the easel will never move unless you want it to.
  • Unique clamping discs provide substantial clamping power and wont mar the wood surface of the easel.
  • Center mast extends when painting extra-large canvases over 48" tall.
  • Substantial rubber bumpers elevate and grip your canvas for nonslip ease of painting.
  • Adjust the tilt of the easel from the front; no awkward fumbling with knobs on the rear of the easel.
  • With a compact 30" x 30" footprint and only 67" tall, this easel is great for small as well as large studios.

**Four 5 lb standard weight plates counterbalance the easel. An additional 2-1/2 pound plate is needed when using the optional lower canvas holder.**

*Weights sold separately.