Silverstone Long Handle Brushes - Bright

Silverstone Long Handle Brushes - Bright

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Finest quality Chunking white hog bristle brushes. Made of naturally curved and interlocked bristles with long flagged tips. Silverstone brushes are expertly manufactured by accomplished brush makers. Each brush is fitted with a deep maroon matte finished handle which is sealed, lacquered and set in a seamless nickel plated brass ferrule. We make available to you our widest variety of sizes and shapes in the Silverstone series. Here, our long handle versions of these fine quality of these fine quality brushes are shown, with emphasis on the jumbo sizes. These extra large brushes are the first choice of easel painters working on large scale murals or canvases.

  • Brights: Length and width of brush is generally squared. Similar to flats, but shorter hairs make a stiffer brush.

  • Fans: Brush fibers are spread out making it useful for subtle blending and for textural effects.

  • Filberts: Create a softer edge than a flat or bright.

  • Flats: Longer hairs than a bright, this brush has more flex and a large color carrying capability.

  • Rounds: Smaller sizes are typically used for detail work and larger sizes tend to be used for washes and filling in color.